Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

What is justice? Everyone seems to be talking about it with the trial of Derek Chauvin. 

Yet, we aren't seeing true justice being presented to our culture by word or by deed.

So join us as we discuss justice, what it is and what it isn't and the major role social media has played in changing our minds regarding the statute of "innocent until proven guilty."

Discussions about justice aren't going away anytime soon, thus, it is vitally important we have a proper understanding of this word.

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Let's Talk About Masks

The subject of masks continues to remain a HIGHLY controversial subject in our society.

In this latest video from Good Report News, we provide you with the ammunition you need to address this topic. 

And the best part, all one needs to deal with this hot topic is some common sense and a historical look at germs.

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How to Save America

We are ready to see freedom restored to this nation again.

Yet, how do we go about saving America?

There is an answer, which includes a well-known verse.
However, this verse constantly has a certain portion omitted, by those who love to cite it.

So join us in this conversation, we've got a country to save!

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