Pick Up Your Cross (Letters from Political Prisoners)

They have been vilified, treated worse than Islamic terrorists, and kept in prison without the chance of bail.

But just who are these Jan. 6ers, and what critical parts of their stories have been left untold?

In partnership with Immeasurably More Ministries' film company, Because of Jesus Films, "Letters from Political Prisoners" aims to answer these questions.

The below video is a letter from Shane Jenkins, a political prisoner from January 6th, expressing in his own words the events surrounding that day.

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Does America Now Have Political Prisoners?

January 6th, 2021, the worst day in America since the Civil War, as Joe Biden called it.

But was it really?

For that matter, what does Nazi Germany, the Russian Gulags, and Communism have to do with January 6th?

This day is extremely important in American history and every citizen needs to have a clear understanding of why it is so pivotal.

Nathaniel & Christopher are back with a slew of questions, answers, and some thought-provoking history to give that needed understanding.

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The Bible on Race (Slavery in America Part 4)

As we conclude our four-part series on slavery in America, we have one last aspect that needs to be addressed.

What does the Bible say about race, segregation, and how to deal with past sins?

Scripture contains the answers and we guarantee the truth you will hear from its pages is most refreshing!

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