The First "Save America" Trump Rally

The first "Save America" Trump Rally went off this past weekend. And electrifying and encouraging was the mantra of the evening!

Patriots turned out en masse, the love of God, country and president was incredibly strong and it gave our hearts great hope for America!

But don't take our word for it, hear it from the eyewitnesses we interviewed at the event!

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Question Everything

We are living in a society where people are not being taught to think critically.
Instead, those in their circles of influence are simply telling them what to believe.

Very few if any, are applying the key factor in discerning truth from lies.

The secret? Question everything.

This concept is practically foreign to the American workplace, education system and even the church.
Yet, the importance of reintroducing this concept to our culture cannot be stressed enough.

Truth is not insecure and will survive the most rigorous, honest question thrown its way.

So it is time to question everything and we mean everything!

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Firewall Your State

The federal government in America is out of control.
Our inalienable rights are being threatened and restoring them appears to be an impossible task.

Yet, in looking to Washington D.C. as the answer to our problems, we have forgotten about another seat of government.
This is where we can affect the greatest change for good in our communities.
Each of us could easily run for an office in this outlet and win.

For one of the key battles to preserve our rights must be fought in our local and state governments.

From the dog catcher, to the school board, to the city council, to the mayor, to the state representative and to the governor, our individual states must be strengthened with bold, constitutional leaders.

It is time to firewall your state!

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Nice Needs to Go

Evil is rearing its head in America as complete depravity is running rampart in our streets.

Yet, conservatives & Christians continue to be known as nice people in the face of this deluge of danger.

Why? Have we lost our warrior spirit?
Are we really called to be nice as believers and patriots?
Aren't we called to be bold and fearless in standing for truth?

If America is to be saved from descending into complete and utter darkness, these questions have to be answered now.

As usual, God's Word has the answers.

We simply need to heed them.

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Celebrating Anti-Pride Month

There is nothing subtle about this, it is in your face, almost non-stop.
An anti-God, anti-family, anti-science, anti-common sense ideology that is being relentlessly pushed on our society.

Instead of taking it laying down or turning a blind eye to this, it is time we take a stand against the LGBTQ+ madness.

Join Nathaniel & Christopher from Good Report News as they discuss the dangers of this movement and introduce an opposing event entitled CAP, Celebrating Anti-Pride Month.

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Fort Wayne Memorial Day Liberty Picnic

Patriots from the local Fort Wayne, Indiana area gathered to celebrate Memorial Day.

It was an encouraging event as the attendees reflected upon the sacrifices of those who had gone before and their God-given duty to preserve the liberty for which their fellow patriots gave their all. 

Our very own Nathaniel Mervar had the privilege to emcee for the event.

Below is the hype video from this uplifting liberty picnic. Take heart in knowing this, American patriots are rising up to fight for their country and liberties!

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