Immigration is Not a Right

Kids in cages! Defund ICE! No human is illegal!

No doubt you have heard these talking points from those who advocate for open borders.

Yet, how many know the biblical, moral and common sense perspective, that exposes the dangerous ideologies and the harm that comes to innocent life when open border polices are adopted?

The answer is very few.

So we are here to equip you with compelling reasons for enforcing our borders and our immigration system.

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The Truth About Racism

All around us, people are crying "racism!" day in and day out. For that matter, critical race theory (CRT) is now teaching that everything is racist.

When a word is overused in this way, its meaning begins to fade. And oftentimes, the agenda behind the word is also forgotten.

So is there an agenda behind this word?

There most certainly is and we are all in need of a biblical and historical overview of this word.

Otherwise, we will be swept away by the lies of our day and age.

Few understand the dark and dangerous origins of the modern term "racism" and it is high time the truth is brought to the light!

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The Donald Trump Phenomenon

As we all know, saying the name "Donald Trump," elicits a wide variety of responses from people, from intense hatred to a deep respect, love and loyalty.

Needless to say, the Donald Trump phenomenon has swept America and it isn't going away anytime soon.

In this discussion from Good Report News, we answer why people love or hate him, what we can learn from his leadership style and why we as American patriots need to emulate some of these qualities.

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Understanding Inalienable Rights

There is a DEADLY ideology about authority drifting around in the United States and it needs shot down before it destroys the lives of more Americans.

The dangers of "umbrella authority," the biblical truth about authority and our founding fathers' views on inalienable rights are some of the highlights from this candid conversation. 

Seriously, after diving into what is being taught in the conservative movement regarding authority and as we see its devastation in our nation, whether it be with the Duggar family, the Institute in Basic Life Principles, the GOP Establishment, or the breakdown of the church, you NEED to hear the TRUTH about authority today!

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Will the Church Wake Up?

As goes the Church, so goes the nation.

So how do we wake the Church up to the battle for the heart and soul of our nation and the people that reside in America?

It is a big question and yet, the answer is simpler than one would think.

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