Will the Church Wake Up?

As goes the Church, so goes the nation.

So how do we wake the Church up to the battle for the heart and soul of our nation and the people that reside in America?

It is a big question and yet, the answer is simpler than one would think.

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Freedom for Myanmar Rally

What we take for granted in America, many other nations dream of the day they will have what we have, liberty and freedom.

We saw this reflected at a Freedom for Myanmar Rally that took place in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana.

All of us can learn an important lesson from these freedom-loving Burmese, liberty is a cherished gift that must be preserved and defended.

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Honoring a Fallen Marine

Corporal Humberto Sanchez was one of the thirteen US troops who lost his life in the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In the midst of the darkness surrounding these events, we saw God bringing forth great light.

For we were able to witness the true heart of America in the massive procession held to honor this young man's sacrifice!

And it involved more motorcycles than you can imagine, thousands upon thousands of them!

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