Celebrating Anti-Pride Month

There is nothing subtle about this, it is in your face, almost non-stop.
An anti-God, anti-family, anti-science, anti-common sense ideology that is being relentlessly pushed on our society.

Instead of taking it laying down or turning a blind eye to this, it is time we take a stand against the LGBTQ+ madness.

Join Nathaniel & Christopher from Good Report News as they discuss the dangers of this movement and introduce an opposing event entitled CAP, Celebrating Anti-Pride Month.

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Understanding Inalienable Rights

There is a DEADLY ideology about authority drifting around in the United States and it needs shot down before it destroys the lives of more Americans.

The dangers of "umbrella authority," the biblical truth about authority and our founding fathers' views on inalienable rights are some of the highlights from this candid conversation. 

Seriously, after diving into what is being taught in the conservative movement regarding authority and as we see its devastation in our nation, whether it be with the Duggar family, the Institute in Basic Life Principles, the GOP Establishment, or the breakdown of the church, you NEED to hear the TRUTH about authority today!

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How Should the Christian Respond to Black Lives Matter?

A lot of questions have been raised in our culture. Questions about "race," "skin color," "racism," "police brutality," "black and white" and the list could go on and on.

Yet, what does Scripture says about these issues? For what values does the "Black Lives Matter" movement stand? How do we as Christians handle all this and how should we be responding?

It is high time for answers and yes, the truth.

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