Representative Jacob Speaks at Medical Freedom Rally

America needs bold, godly leaders at the local level of government.

The corruption and wrongdoings of the federal government are downstream from state government.

This is why Indiana is richly blessed to have Represenative John Jacob in office.

He recently spoke at a medical freedom rally. As you watch this video, imagine if every state legislature was filled with men like Represenative Jacob!

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Representative Nisly Speaks at Medical Freedom Rally

We need more God-fearing patriots in local and state government positions!

Representative Curt Nisly from Indiana is one of those patriots!

May God raise up more men like him!

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Let's Talk About Masks

The subject of masks continues to remain a HIGHLY controversial subject in our society.

In this latest video from Good Report News, we provide you with the ammunition you need to address this topic. 

And the best part, all one needs to deal with this hot topic is some common sense and a historical look at germs.

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The Truth About COVID-19

To this day, there are a lot of opinions circulating about COVID-19. It is often hard to sort through what is true and what is false.

In this candid conversation, Nathaniel and Christopher sit down to talk about the facts of COVID-19 and the telling condition of the Church in America during this pandemic.

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