Fort Wayne

Freedom for Myanmar Rally

What we take for granted in America, many other nations dream of the day they will have what we have, liberty and freedom.

We saw this reflected at a Freedom for Myanmar Rally that took place in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana.

All of us can learn an important lesson from these freedom-loving Burmese, liberty is a cherished gift that must be preserved and defended.

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Fort Wayne Memorial Day Liberty Picnic

Patriots from the local Fort Wayne, Indiana area gathered to celebrate Memorial Day.

It was an encouraging event as the attendees reflected upon the sacrifices of those who had gone before and their God-given duty to preserve the liberty for which their fellow patriots gave their all. 

Our very own Nathaniel Mervar had the privilege to emcee for the event.

Below is the hype video from this uplifting liberty picnic. Take heart in knowing this, American patriots are rising up to fight for their country and liberties!

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