Founding Fathers

Celebrating America

America is the greatest nation on earth!

Despite the modern-day lies claiming America was never great, one simply needs to look into the rearview mirror of history to see this claim is completely false.

So join Nathaniel & Christopher in this special edition of Good Report News, as we celebrate America on the eve of the anniversary of her independence!

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Question Everything

We are living in a society where people are not being taught to think critically.
Instead, those in their circles of influence are simply telling them what to believe.

Very few if any, are applying the key factor in discerning truth from lies.

The secret? Question everything.

This concept is practically foreign to the American workplace, education system and even the church.
Yet, the importance of reintroducing this concept to our culture cannot be stressed enough.

Truth is not insecure and will survive the most rigorous, honest question thrown its way.

So it is time to question everything and we mean everything!

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Understanding Inalienable Rights

There is a DEADLY ideology about authority drifting around in the United States and it needs shot down before it destroys the lives of more Americans.

The dangers of "umbrella authority," the biblical truth about authority and our founding fathers' views on inalienable rights are some of the highlights from this candid conversation. 

Seriously, after diving into what is being taught in the conservative movement regarding authority and as we see its devastation in our nation, whether it be with the Duggar family, the Institute in Basic Life Principles, the GOP Establishment, or the breakdown of the church, you NEED to hear the TRUTH about authority today!

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How to Save America

We are ready to see freedom restored to this nation again.

Yet, how do we go about saving America?

There is an answer, which includes a well-known verse.
However, this verse constantly has a certain portion omitted, by those who love to cite it.

So join us in this conversation, we've got a country to save!

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The Need for Truth

Truth is desperately needed in our culture.

But where does one begin? So many lies swirl about and it is hard to discern truth from falsehood.

In a hard-hitting, yet refreshing conversation, Nathaniel and Christopher from GRN discuss this need and how truth can indeed be found in these trying times.

Prepare to be refreshed, encouraged and challenged.

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