The Truth About Racism

All around us, people are crying "racism!" day in and day out. For that matter, critical race theory (CRT) is now teaching that everything is racist.

When a word is overused in this way, its meaning begins to fade. And oftentimes, the agenda behind the word is also forgotten.

So is there an agenda behind this word?

There most certainly is and we are all in need of a biblical and historical overview of this word.

Otherwise, we will be swept away by the lies of our day and age.

Few understand the dark and dangerous origins of the modern term "racism" and it is high time the truth is brought to the light!

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The Need for Truth

Truth is desperately needed in our culture.

But where does one begin? So many lies swirl about and it is hard to discern truth from falsehood.

In a hard-hitting, yet refreshing conversation, Nathaniel and Christopher from GRN discuss this need and how truth can indeed be found in these trying times.

Prepare to be refreshed, encouraged and challenged.

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The Truth About Racism

The word racism has earned its right as one of the most well-known words of 2020.

As with COVID-19, truth about this topic has been hard to find. Many are saying one thing and others something else.

As we have dug into this topic, we have found the truth about racism is hard to swallow and not popular.
Therefore, the truth about it needs to be presented all the more.

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