Representative Jacob Speaks at Medical Freedom Rally

America needs bold, godly leaders at the local level of government.

The corruption and wrongdoings of the federal government are downstream from state government.

This is why Indiana is richly blessed to have Represenative John Jacob in office.

He recently spoke at a medical freedom rally. As you watch this video, imagine if every state legislature was filled with men like Represenative Jacob!

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Representative Nisly Speaks at Medical Freedom Rally

We need more God-fearing patriots in local and state government positions!

Representative Curt Nisly from Indiana is one of those patriots!

May God raise up more men like him!

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Celebrating America

America is the greatest nation on earth!

Despite the modern-day lies claiming America was never great, one simply needs to look into the rearview mirror of history to see this claim is completely false.

So join Nathaniel & Christopher in this special edition of Good Report News, as we celebrate America on the eve of the anniversary of her independence!

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The Donald Trump Phenomenon

As we all know, saying the name "Donald Trump," elicits a wide variety of responses from people, from intense hatred to a deep respect, love and loyalty.

Needless to say, the Donald Trump phenomenon has swept America and it isn't going away anytime soon.

In this discussion from Good Report News, we answer why people love or hate him, what we can learn from his leadership style and why we as American patriots need to emulate some of these qualities.

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